by Dennis Pennings (d.pennings@360ict.nl)
from 360ICT.nl

I'm the CTO and co-owner of 360 ICT in the Netherlands and I've been working in IT since '97. I'm actually a MS Remote Desktop (RDS) expert, working with RDS/Citrix since WinFrame 1.6. One of our accomplishments is hosting a platform based on MS Remote Desktop for (multiple) thousands of users, which is going to add Nextcloud to that service. I have always been tinkering with Linux since the kernel 1.1 times, but since a few years we (and me personally) are in a transition to move to OSS instead of MS where it makes sense. As the RDS platform is transitioning to webbased apps we are going to move to OSS based hosting for tens of thousands of users. It will be a challenge for me personally as well as the company, but I've been very excited with all the experiences so far!

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This is a session about Nextcloud scalability and its architecture in general. To give it some focus, we start with a concept design for 10.000 users. There is also some information available from customers who have 10.000+ users and we'd like to expand and improve on the current recommendations. The Nextcloud 11 includes improving the scalability through work on the S3 storage and multibucket and there are some other, perhaps more radical ideas.

This is as much presentation as it is discussion and the results will be shared with the Nextcloud engineers and community and used to update the reference architecture documentation.

2016 September 16 15:30
2 h
Meetings and workshops H3004
Nextcloud Conference 2016
Enterprise Track