by shinguz (oli.sennhauser@fromdual.com)
from FromDual GmbH

Oli Sennhauser is MySQL database consultant at FromDual. Since 1994 he messes around with databases. In 2000 he became Oracle consultant at Trivadis, in 2006 MySQL consultant at MySQL AB. At the moment he is working at the neutral and vendor independent MySQL consulting company FromDual GmbH with topics like MySQL architectures, High Availability, Performance Tuning and Operations of MySQL, Galera Cluster for MySQL, Percona Server and MariaDB.

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MySQL is used as a database back-end for the Nextcloud infrastructure. Sometimes MySQL is seen as the performance bottleneck.
In this presentation we will have a look at performance topics in general and the does and dont's related to MySQL performance and how we could improve the overall performance of Nextcloud when it is related to the database back-end.

Hopefully we will have an intensive discussion and fixed all the issues and answered all the question afterwards.

2016 September 16 12:00
30 min
Meetings and workshops H3004
Nextcloud Conference 2016
Enterprise Track