by Björn Schießle (bjoern@nextcloud.com)
from Nextcloud GmbH

With a special interest in privacy respecting distributed and federated networks, Björn has been developing federated technology for Nextcloud since 2012. He is a graduated computer scientist and conducted research in the area of cloud robotics before he joined ownCloud and later on Nextcloud. He is active in the Free Software community for more than 20 years. As FSFE's Deputy Coordinator Germany and long-time Free Software and Open Standard activist he has a deep understanding about the political, legal and social aspects of software freedom. Over the years he worked in many areas of Nextcloud, including versioning, deleted files, sharing, encryption and many more.

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This session covers where Federation is going. We designed Federation to create transparent 'networks' of Nextcloud servers, both for enterprises to be able to split their installations and separate data between locations as well as for home users to get the benefits of a large network to share and work with. Since its first inception this feature has come a long way and I'd like to share our plans for the future and solicit input from users and customers.

2016 September 16 11:30
30 min
Meetings and workshops H3004
Nextcloud Conference 2016
Enterprise Track