by Cornelius K├Âlbel (
from privacyIDEA project and NetKnights GmbH

Cornelius works in the field of two factor authentication for over ten years.
His experise ranges from one time passwords, smartcards and certificates, PKI up to hardware security modules.
He worked in heterogenous enterprise environments.
His heart started beating for Open Source - especially Linux - more than 20 years ago.
In 2014 he kicked off the project privacyIDEA to provide an enterprise ready, competetive OSS solution for two factor authentication.

With Nextcloud 10 it is possible to use external two factor authentication systems.
The flexible opensource privacyIDEA authentication system can manage flexible tokens of arbitrary user stores. This way, authentication devices like OTP tokens, smartphones, display cards or Yubikeys can be assigned to user. Many different applications can be connected to privacyIDEA - thus a user may use his one authentication device at many different applications.
A new privacyIDEA App connects Nextcloud to privacyIDEA. This way users can use the very same smartphone or hardware device for their VPN, SSH login and Nextcloud.

In this workshop I will present how a privacyIDEA System is set up and Nextcloud is connected to privacyIDEA.

2016 September 18 14:30
1 h
Meetings and workshops H3004
Nextcloud Conference 2016
Workshop track